What Does Your Entrance Hallway Say About You?

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Does it say hello and welcome in?

We all know how important first impressions are. As it’s the first thing our guests see when entering our home. It’s also the last thing they see too….. the important function it serves should not be underestimated or overlooked. After all it is the corridor to the rest of your home and the area that you pass through from room to room daily.

Whether it’s to pop on your boots & coats on the way out, or view your appearance for the last time before you leave, its layout is very important.

It’s your chance to show your personality, whether that be bold or glamorous, dramatic or quirky, practical or simple. The great thing about an entrance hallway is that it is a place you walk through & don’t spend a lot of time, so you can add a touch of drama to it without getting tired of it, so indulge yourself.

If your hallway is small & tends to be dark, it’s a good idea to statically add mirrors and lighting and place them in a way so as to open up and brighten the space.

Picking a mirror that suits is vital. It will show off your personality and add drama to your entrance whilst at least offering space. Try full length to conceal a small space or try a wall of mirrors on the hallway corridor to bring out your quirky ways, not forgetting the matching mirror and console table option that is simple yet so effective.

But what good is a mirror without good lighting?

Not too bright now, use soft light bulbs to emit a more flattering glow.
Picking the right lamp for the look you are trying to achieve should complement the space style and can add height to a hall table.Depending on ceiling heights the world is your oyster with chandeliers and overhead lighting. And remember that a foyer doesn’t have to be grand to sport a chandelier, try partnering it up with lamps as they can help to round out the lighting coverage in any room. Try putting it on a dimmer so its light is not glaring, intrusive or harsh.

Or add wall sconces for a more dramatic effect.Whilst donning shoes, a place to sit is not only practical but it can set the tone for the entire entrance. Add a blanket or throw over the chair to add colour if you like, or pick a vibrant coloured chair to add individuality.

And finally the hall table, the pinochle of the entrance. A place to keep your keys, organise your mail, somewhere to rest your most treasured photos or ornaments. Its size..... size doesn’t matter but drawers can be handy. A statement clock also comes in handy when judging timing for that all important school drop off or morning meetings.

And for the piece de resistance….  lanterns, to lead the way to the front door!!