Wedding Gifts with a Twist

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Wedding Gifts with a Twist

Photo Credit: Bronte Photography

Wedding season is upon us and if you’re anything like me you’ll be panicking at the thought of finding that something special for the happy couple. Some couples set up wedding lists, others ask for cash and some may even want vouchers for their favourite store but what about those couples in between to whom you are just not sure what to give? Time to think outside the box! Have a look at some of my alternative ideas below from Red Earths Mindy Brownes range and remember that sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest impact

Gifts Under €100

Ruby Mirror Tray   €99.95

Mirror top serving table   €99.95

Tina set of mirrors a steal at 

€89.95 a pair

Good idea!

Why not put together a gift basket with some smaller items like photo frames, candles and some items from our table top range. Here you could also include some of our other ranges like Max Benjamin scented candles and Pip dinner ware. Better yet we’ll do it for you!

Vintage cutlery set €99.95 

Versailles dining set €99.95

Theodore mirror tray   €139.95Kolby clock     €119.95

There is something in Red Earth for everybody! Come visit our team at the Beacon South Quarter and we will help you select a gift from our wide of interiors and accessories that will be passed down through the generations. Gift wrapped of course.

See you soon!

Laura x