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Our Visual Merchandisers Interiors Style

Q.How would you describe your Interior Style?

I would describe my style as Bohemian Chic. I love pattern and decor that brings together different textures. I love layering textiles like rugs, throws, tapestry’s and cushions. With Furniture I look for pieces that posses ethnic or nomadic vibes. Moroccan or tribal inspired designs always catch my eye. Our New Spring/Summer Collection is right on trend and suits my style perfectly! My top picks from the collection are the Arcus Mirror and Ceri frame.

Ceri Frame  €24.95Layton Task Lamp €199.95Harvest Serenity Mirror €599.95

Q.What are your favourite accessories to use when creating a living space?

Accessories really add the finishing touches to a room, creating an atmosphere, enhancing the style and also adding to the function of a space. In a living space, I think adding soft furnishings is a must. Whether its comfy throws, statement cushions or elaborate rugs. I adore cowhides and faux fur throws. We have such a large selection in store in every colour, even in blush pink and mint green! Decorative pieces are an easy way of defining your own personality, from quirky art work to elegant framed family photos. I love using plants in a living space, I think it portrays a calm and tranquil ambience and also transports nature indoors. Our Mindy Brownes Elephant bookends are one of my favourite pieces from our collection of accessories. Placed in a living space, bedroom or office it symbolises strength, patience and family.

Elephant Bookends €129.95Arcus Mirror €119.95Madison Tables €179.95

Q.What do you love about your job?

For me, every day is different and I love that. I am based in our Flagship store Red Earth in Mullingar but visit our Dublin stores regularly for fit outs and revamps. I also work closely with our Wholesale Brand Mindy Brownes and also get the opportunity to travel quite a lot which I love. We have a fantastic team throughout the company and I love working closely with them. I love being able to use my creativity in my everyday work and Red Earth has allowed me no boundaries!

Q.What is the one statement piece of Mindy Brownes you can’t live without?

Since the day I started, I have had my eye on the Harvest Serenity Mirror. I love the intricate details on the frame and the distressed gold colourations with earthy red highlights. This is definitely going to bring character into my new home come July!