Travel Inspired Home Décor

by Aoife Ní Dhonghaile

It’s summer!! Holiday season is upon us and we never want it to end. That’s why we’ve decided to use travel and holiday inspired home décor to keep the illusion alive, and to create a permanent holiday home for ourselves to live in all year round!

Source: Pinterest

Step One: 

Invest in a decent map that will stand the test of time and assist you in your holiday planning. Having a map around the house is also a friendly reminder of all the places you have left to visit and can stimulate fond memories of places you’ve been – also a motivation to organise another trip and create more memories!

Alternatively a globe can be a great investment. It’s a beautiful addition to a home office or study, or even simply on a side table in the living room. Mindy Brownes has a gorgeous antique style globe complete with stand, which lends a more authentic and original design. 

Vintage World Map - €79.95Globe with Stand - €199.95

Step Two:

Colour! Often when I’ve travelled I have been struck by how visually different a place is or the different relationships some cultures have with colour. When I was in Zambia I loved how vibrant the clothes and chitenge material is. You would be hard pressed to find some chitenge in neutral tones which is quite the contrast from some of the more European trends which in recent years has reverted back to more classical chic themed looks with monotones, such as black and white. I’ve bought a few different designs and colours in chitenge (including one more neutral coloured design with a cream background and grey elephants which I have since fashioned into a statement pillow case) and I love how they brighten up my room. 

Source: Pinterest

That’s why I love the Mindy’s Moroccan style selection that we have in store at the moment. They work beautifully as a set or as individual statement pieces.

Alisha Mirror - €149.95Alisha Console Table - €299.95
Alisha Cabinet - €349.95Alisha Stool - €89.95Alisha 3 Drawer Locker - €199.95

Step Three;

Them summer vibes! The essentials for prolonging the holiday vibes consists of anything that reminds you of fond travels or that can transport you back to the good times.

Here’s some examples of items that can do just that and how:

ProductHoliday Feels & Use
This super trendy storage jar is aqua green in colour (like the ocean) with a funky gold pineapple lid (like the sand beneath your feet and a Pina Colada between your teeth on a beautifully sunny beach). Fun bathroom or bedroom décor. For added holiday feels you could fill with sand, seashells or pot-pourri and use as display.

OR you could write all of the places you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, on pieces of paper and use the jar as a lucky dip and book to go to the first place you pull out of the jar! 

Pineapple Jar Small - €24.95

This mirror is inspired by the sun, combining round and angular shapes to emulate rays of sunshine. The gold adds an extra illuminating effect thus brightening up any interior. This mirror is exquisite on a dark coloured wall, resembling a summer sunset!

Raina Mirror - €149.95

Reminiscent of a design you might encounter on the streets of Rome or Paris, this lantern is silver/duck egg blue in colour. This lantern colour and design is very unique. There’s a stunning detailed design threading throughout the piece! Perfect for a romantic evening in with candle lit dinner to ponder the adventures you’ve had with your partner and the many left to come.

Hazel Lantern Small - €69.95

Step Four:

Frame your holiday pics and display them proudly. After all why did you snap all the pics if not to access them on a rainy day and revive the holiday feels?!

Ceri Frame (4x6) - €24.95Jada Frame (5x7) - €29.95

Cassie Frame (4x6) - €19.95Debra Frame (5x7) - €34.95

Step Five:

Be ready to jet off at your earliest convenience.

Keep a bag packed, so when that flight flash sale happens you’re good to go. But if that’s a tad too unrealistic for you I strongly recommend keeping the dream alive through the use of these suitcase style storage units.

Chest Tables - Set of 3 - €192.50

Step Six;

Bon Voyage, Buen Camino and Go n-Éirí an Bóthar Leat