Summer Sunset Inspired Looks

by Aoife Ni Dhonghaile

What a scorcher the past few weeks have been for us! As the days get longer and the sun gets brighter, the sunsets have become kaleidoscopic works of art for us to wonder at – free of charge! They have become something we look forward to experiencing each evening. Between the swirling clouds in heavenly patterns, dappled sunlight and the marbled colours decorating the sky, it’s no surprise we were inspired to figure out a way to incorporate these scenes of beauty into our homes with a Summer Sunset Inspired Look.

The Colour Schemes

To achieve this look the main focus is the colours. Depending on the evening, the time and the location; our summer sunsets have a wide array of colours and no two combinations of shades are the same.

Personalise your choice through choosing whichever shades you gravitate towards naturally. For example some people may prefer shades reminiscent of early sunsets i.e. lighter shades of blue, undertones of light teal, pale lemon and lilac as the daymelts into night. Others may be more swayed by the deeper and darker tones of a later sunset moments i.e. darker blues lending into navy, deep pinks, deep oranges and more rich shades of purple, when the night is young enough to still be full of promise but it’s late enough to still be cooking up mischief with your friends.

You could even go for grey, navy and black tones for a stormy summer sky effect. Some examples of how to go about this are included below.

Photographic Evidence

If you’re having any doubt of the kind of scenes that has inspired us to recreate the look in our homes here are a few examples of the idyllic landscapes we crave.

Tropical Sunset

Source: Pinterest

Light and Swirly Sunset

Source: Pinterest

Deep Sunset

Source: Pinterest

Creating the Illusion

What is so mesmerizing about summer sunsets is the way the colours of the sun, sky, moon and night melt into each other seamlessly. The best description of this look, that I can think of; is the marble effect. The swirling clouds (sparse as they may be this weather!) combined with dappled rays of the sun setting are a stunning sight and can be gorgeous style to introduce in your home.

For Example ...

Images Source: Pinterest

... Put into PracticalityYou could choose to go for something as simple as a marble designed shower curtain for a Dusky Summers Evening Option.

Source: PinterestSource: Pinterest

Another Example ...

Source: PinterestSource: Pinterest

... Put into Practicality

A bigger investment such as counter tops, tiles as well as other more permanent fixtures for a Stormy Summer Sky Look.

Source: PinterestSource: Pinterest

Kelsey Armchair - Sea Green - €459.95

(Also available in black in grey)

This Kelsey armchair is not only stylish and comfortable and available in three different shades, but can be strategically paired to enhance the overall feel and look of the room you place it in to suit the tone you want your room to be.

Mia Votive Blue - €29.95

The deep blue candleholder is also available in other colours and sizes. They can have a gorgeous effect when they are combined. The blue hues the candle holder emanate reflect the setting sun to create an extra atmospheric and romantic vibe.

Elgin Mirror - €79.95

This Arabian style gold mirror, features detailed mesh motifs. It’s shaped like the sun and its golden texture provides an extra spectacular sunshine effect.

Raina Mirror - €149.95

This design is completely inspired by the sun, combining round and angular shapes. The gold illustrating rays of sun. This mirror is exquisite on a dark coloured wall!

Tyrian Lamp - €289.95

The deep purple tinted glass is moody and reminiscent of late summer evenings just before the night envelops the day. Can create atmospheric lighting in your home.

Vivian Lamp - €149.95

The colours of the Vivian Lamp melt into one another seamlessly presenting a striking resemblance to the stages of a sunset.

Sienna Lamp - €219.95

The impressive lustre amber glass on this lamp provides the perfect illumination to mimick sunset. It is an exquisite light, stunning both lit and unlit, and doubles as a beautiful piece of art. It has a brushed brass antique base.