Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who’s the Most Creative of them All ???

by Lisa Collins

We spotted someone who used one of our mirrors to create a masterpiece of wall art in their home. It made us think, wow, so many of our mirrors can lend itself to that! Mirrors create light and give the illusion of space, no matter what room you decide to use them in. But did you think it could create a show stopping piece of work? 

If you want to create something elegant or eclectic we have so many different shapes and sizes of mirrors that will help you on your creative way! But first let us show you some pictures of our own masterpieces and then some pretty images from Pinterest. 

Follow the links below to show you our section of mirrors these looks can be easily achieved with. Remember to note all measurements and your space.

Zala Mirror - €149.95

Source: Pinterest

Alyssa Mirror - €69.95

Jana Mirror - €49.95

Source: Pinterest

Casey Medium - €69.95

Casey Large - €79.95

Casey Single - €44.95

Casey Small - €49.95

Jeri Mirror - €119.95

Source: Pinterest

Elisha Mirror - €29.95