Love Your Home

by Casey McDermott

Spring is finally upon us and here at Mindy Brownes we couldn’t be more excited about it! Spring time brings to life new trends, patterns and textures; and that is the essence of our New Spring 2020 launch.

Decorative accessories are a key interiors trend this season, and also a focal point of our new collection. We have added some unique pieces, ideal for shelf styling and adding the finishing touches needed to tell the perfect interiors story.

Home is where the heart is, and our goal here at Mindy Brownes is to make you fall in love with your home every time you walk through the threshold. 

Vannes 1 Seater (HLI001), Kassia Console (24446), Grace Mirror (PAN019), 
Petrelli Lamp (27320)
Wallpaper - Singita, Cole & Sons.
Bringing your home to life can be simple
when you have the right tools.

Incorporating punchy colours,
graphic prints and geometric designs
is the ideal way to inject fun and
playfulness to your home.

Our Vannes 1 Seater in Blush Pink 
is the perfect accent piece to add a
pop of colour to any living space.

Using eye-catching backdrops
such as the Singita wallpaper
from Cole & Sons has the perfect
spring vibes with exuberant
florals and is sure to give life
and energy to a room.

Geometrics can modernize your
interior design and when coupled
with the right colouring can create
an Art Deco feel to your home.

Our best-selling Kassia Console paired
with the fabulous Grace mirror and
Petrelli Lamp add depth and inject
personality to this look


Another trend for 2020 to watch out for is the use of Statement pieces in your home. Pockets of flair can give you that chic look, without being too print heavy. 

Zebra Jar Large (MY077), Zebra Lamp (MY075),  Circus Frenzy Cups Set/6 (SHM003), Flamingo Umbrella Stand (MY074), Flamingo Lamp (MY073), Daintree Cups Set/6 (SHM001),  Tropical Vibes Coasters Set/5 (FCH027), Monkey Dish (SDA001)Zebra Plates Set/4 (MY078)Sage 21" Jar (MY063), Giselle 17" Jar (MY060). 

Safari prints give the perfect flair of vibrancy, and this season we have extended our love for this print with the introduction of the Zebra, the Monkey and our beloved Flamingo, to name a few.

We are loving the safari inspired colours such as rich greens, yellows and oranges. Using these prints will allow you to bring fun to your home and allow you to be brave and bold with accessorizing. 

Pick a colour you love, and use it to create an interiors story. Allow your statement pieces to complement each other and create a talking point. The colour pink seems fitting for the month of February, whilst we’re on the subject of love!

Pink can be easily incorporated into your home when you find the right pieces to suit your style.

Victoria 3 Seater (HC005), Victoria Long Bench (HC004), Solomon Accent Table (TF052), Nadenka Floor Lamp (R28150), Eligah Clock (FCH015), Inspiration (NAY003).

Take for example the look I have created using our Victoria 3 Seater. This gorgeous piece might seem bold at first, but when it is paired with the right accent pieces such as accessories, wall décor and lighting, it can really make a statement. 

Don’t be afraid of bold colours, graphics and prints. Maintaining balance with bravery when creating your design can really bring life and fun to your living space. Using the colours, graphics, prints and textures you adore, with a little attention to detail, can create the perfect interiors story and enhance your love for your home!