It's Time to Shine with Chrome !

by Joshua Lavelle

It’s Time to Shine with Chrome!

Chrome refers to the element chromium, which can be applied over another metal as a thin layer to create a gleaming finish. Chrome furniture is a must have as it allows light to bounce around a room and create the illusion of space and offer functionality without adding visual clutter, as that they blend in seamlessly with the surrounding space. For those afraid of using a lot of metallic pieces our top tip is to start small. Accessories are always a good way to bring metallic’s into your home. The Mindy Brownes Darla Round Table or the Mindy Browne’s Darla Drinks Trolley are the perfect pieces to start with as they’re easy to change out or move around the room to find the perfect balance.

Caylee Clock - €129.95

Darla Bar Cart - €399.95

Casey Large - €79.95

Jespen Chair - Grey - €479.95

Kelsey Armchair - Black - €499.95

Caffaro Lamp - €229.95

Top Tip: When using a lot of metallic pieces in your room, you will want to keep your colour scheme muted. Golds and Brasses will pair nicely with darker colours such as blacks, purples, navys and other jewel tones, while chrome furniture will work better with more modern palettes such as grays, whites and blues.

For those looking for inspiration, we have created a contemporary living look with pieces available in-store.

Tegan Clock - €39.95

Darla Coffee Table - €499.95

Tammy Frame 5x7 - €24.95