How to Style Your Porch for an Irish Climate

by Fiona Mitchell

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Summer has officially arrived in our typically grey nation and what a scorcher it’s going to be. We don’t often get opportunities like this so why not make the most of it. What better way to do that than spending as much time as possible outside! If you have a veranda, porch or a covered area that often feels like wasted space, this one is for you. Indoor-outdoor spaces aren’t common in our usually wet climate but if they’re designed right, they can provide you with a comfortable place to enjoy the fresh air, whatever the weather! These types of spaces are found in places with Mediterranean climates and usually include a shaded area to keep away harmful sun rays but we all know how unpredictable the Irish weather can be so a covered area is essential to an indoor-outdoor area here too to keep away the inevitable rain. It’s all about including home comforts outside the home. Think soft furnishings and decorative accents. 

Step One:
Get Comfortable

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A comfortable seating area dressed with cushions and throws of different fabrics add a touch of luxury. It’s also a lovely place to snuggle up with your favourite book on cooler summer evenings. 

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Step Two:
Introduce Natural Materials 

Wood and wicker are stunning materials and add a timeless, rustic quality to your porch. They also represent an effortless link between the inside and outside so are a fitting edition to your space.

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Step Three:
Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to bring the indoors, outdoors. They are a décor element that can really tie a room together. When used outside they can give your space a really homely, comfortable feel. They’re also a great way to reflect light into darker, shaded areas.

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Source: Pinterest
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Step Four:


Lanterns are a great way to introduce a warm glow outside. They are practical as they don’t require electricity sockets or wires and can moved around to suit your needs. They also emit a soft, flickering light, giving your porch a welcoming atmosphere.

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