GET THE LOOK SERIES: Traditional with a Twist

by Aoife Ni Dhonghaile

Characteristics of Traditional Style Interiors

Traditional style interiors have a classic look and calming feel to them when you enter the home. Although the style is embedded in historical and cultural tradition it is a style of many variations, which enriches the individuality and appeal of implementing it in your home.

Traditional style is open to depiction by the designer or home owner. However there are some underlying characteristics bound to the traditional aesthetic which we have outlined here. We hope that something resonates with you!

The Home Essentials

Regal furniture is a primary characteristic of the traditional look. It’s the perfect style for antique fans! Priceless pieces are those that are both elegant, functional and comfortable.

The Belino 4 Door Chest Cabinet - €1279.95

The Belino cabinet has quality features of traditional style décor with a twist. It is both highly functional, elegant as well as decorative. The four doors add a twist of contemporary to the traditional shape. It is craftsman built with break-front styling, carved moulding details, and an elegant Paris silver finis; a subtly metallic silver over a light grey washed fine wood grain with clear glass doors.

Colours and Patterns

A dominant trait of the traditional style is consistency. Everything tends to match and there aren’t usually too many surprises. There are certainly statement pieces but often are within the realms of the theme.

The colour scheme usually entails deep, dark and rich tones. Think mahogany, think maple, think cherry, think burgundy and royal blues. Neutral tones on the walls are often used to accentuate the features of the furniture and make the richer colours of statement pieces truly standout. The richer the hue, the better for you!

Koko Armchair - €549.95

The Finer Details

Traditional style adheres to the finer things and this includes attention to detail on all things. Accessories will be carefully selected to suit the tone and theme of the house. Candleholders, china and dining sets, vases, throw pillows, mirrors, sconces and book collections combined, have huge impact on the scheme and the placement of them around the house will have been considered thoughtfully. 

Isaac Book Ends - €49.95

The Most Important Factor

Traditional style homes – with or without a twist - exude comfort and welcomes all.

It’s a familiar look that all ages relate to. It’s functional, unfussy and peaceful. It will feel homely and classy.

Fire Screen Gold - €99.95