Get the Look Series - Boho Chic

by Aoife Ní Dhonghaile

Find The Style That Suits You

Over the next couple of weeks and blog posts we will be going through a series of styles in the hopes that this will aid any of you in the midst of renovating your homes, in identifying the signature look you want in your home.

If you think Boho Chic might be the style for you, do read on and hopefully some of our pointers will resonate with you and help you on your journey of renovation.

The Foundations of the Boho Chic Look

The Style

The Bohemian style is often determined by its unconventional and informal design. Flashes of 70s hippie culture may spring to mind. Boho chic is usually colourful and laid back in appearance. (Source 1)

The Patterns

A mismatch of colours and patterns are staples of the unconventional and laid back Boho signature. However the appearance of a laid back and mismatched look are more often than not well thought out and strategically designed to create that effortlessly chic look. So when choosing patterns to mismatch perfectly, try to find underlying similarities in the patterns to tie them all together. You want the room to flow and feel cohesively chaotic.

Draw on certain colours in a pattern and use them as a common thread between differently patterned rugs/cushions/blankets. For example if you’re using pastel colours you can use a variation of colours but try to find the shades of a similar tone i.e. warm or cooler shades. (Source 1)  

Image Source:

For example in this room there is a common thread of blue throughout the room. The lighter more neutral shade on the wall is emphasized by the use of more vibrant blue shades used on the cushions, on the chair, on the bed and the base colour of the rug. Similarly the pink picture on the wall ties in nicely with the pink in the border of the rug, on the pouffe, the cushion patterns on the bed with pink and red tones as well as the pink flowers on the bed side table. Strategically mismatched to perfection!

Patterned furniture is also a great way to go. Pair them with neutral tone walls so they are statement pieces and the décor doesn’t become a little to over the top – Unless that’s what you’re going for and then mismatch to your hearts content!

Alisha 3 Drawer Locker - €199.95Alisha Mirror - €149.95

Alisha Console Table - €299.95Dania Bench - €249.95

The Home Essentials with a Boho Twist

The Curtains

For a Boho feel we tend to steer clear of traditional style curtains and go more for a layered sheer look. There are plentiful designs of sheer fabric to choose from. Whether they have been designed specifically for curtain purposes or otherwise, Bohemian style is all about being creative and flaunting your artistic flair so if you find a material that appeals to you get creative and transform your finds into the perfect curtains for you. Here’s some examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Depending on your rooms’ requirements and personal preference your curtains can be as heavy duty or as light and airy as you desire. If you require more decorative than functional curtains this style is a lovely alternative. The hand crocheted design is an unusual and artistic option – both key elements to the Boho Chic look. 

Image Source: Pinterest

Going for curtains in a bright and bold colour can be a great way to brighten up your room and tie it all together if the colours match and the underlying theme throughout the room. Or in this picture you could even focus on the finer details such as the curtain ties. The designers of this premises chose a more rustic option with the thick rope ties. 

Image Source:

Alternatively if you are a big fan of the sheer drapes effect you could go tastefully overboard and turn your home into a grown up fort. All the feels of your childhood safe haven creation but with added sophistication.

Image Source:

Alternatively you could go for barely there drapes so as to keep the curtains functional but neutral tones. This will give you more room to play with the rest of the rooms features without having to worry too much about the matching scheme. You can focus on the style and effect. The neutral curtains or drapes leaves you with plenty of options for decorating the rest of the room such as going for bolder colours like the orange couch featured here.

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The Cushions

Tassles, bright colours and vibrant patterns are a must for the boho look. Cushion count can vary from low to the extreme depending on you. Floor pillows, pouffes and ottomans are also becoming increasingly common.

Source: Pinterest

The Rugs

Continuing with the outlined foundations of the Boho chic look, patterns, tassels and bright colours. Keep in mind the strategic mismatch and thought-out effortless look we’re striving for. When investing in a rug consider the colours and size carefully. If there is a trace of colour throughout the rug that you are particularly fond of focus on how you could draw that out in the room with accessories.

The great thing with rugs is that you can choose how large or small you want them to be and customize them to your specific requirements. And you can add them to any room to add texture and depth.

E.g. KitchenE.g. Dressing RoomE.g. Living Room

Images Source: Pinterest

The Furniture

The furniture you choose should add to your home and be stand-alone characters in their own right in my opinion. For example it is so important to invest in a dining table you love. It’s where all your family meals, occasions and announcements will be hosted. I am a fan of the reclaimed wood as I think it really adds depth and character to the piece. (Also handy that it is wear and tear proof already especially if you have a busy household.)

Stanton Table - €1,299

Stanton Bench - €569

Stick to these guidelines and you will be well on your way to achieving the dream Boho Chic look for your home!

And if Boho isn’t the look for you check back in with our blogs for more glamorous and creative ideas tailored to your taste, coming soon! Or why not pop in store and arrange a consult with our resident interior designer, Susannah, in the Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford.