Decorating with White

by Lisa Collins

Decorating with White
& Adding a Touch of White with Decorative Items

White walls can often lead to a dramatic backdrop to your furniture and decor. White walls in a home can evoke purity and sophistication but also a contemporary twist to showcase a more traditional piece of furniture.

When choosing paint colours consider natural light and also check to see if your room is facing north, south, east or west.

Check the fan base of your paint choice, by this we mean the whites below. Blues, greys or greens will give you an underlying cool tone, while below red, orange or yellow tones will give you a warm tone.

Add texture to avoid that sterile look. Panelling for instance in bathrooms, the walls or ceiling of a bathroom. Also add timeless metals as a texture. Metals like brass and copper is a great pairing combination with crisp whites.

Check out some of the images we pulled from the pretty boards of Pinterest to give you some inspiration when choosing white as your colour scheme. We have also chosen some of our favourite pieces from our collection inspired by the ice and snow conditions we are experience in Ireland at the moment! 

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Danton Console Table - €459.95

Danton Side Table - €259.95
Darla Console Table - €429.9

Tesla Mirror - €199.95

Marlee Side Table - €269.95

Molinara Lamp - €229.95

Altavilla Lamp - €339.95
Vercana Lamp (Set of 2) - €299.95

Darla Mirror - €99.95

Aaron Mirror - €139.95

Katelyn Mirror - €199.95