Decor Trends this Spring Summer

by Lisa Collins

Décor trends can be as fast paced as the fashion world, however not all trends will suit our homes and certainly not all trends will suit our décor style and living spaces. With that said we have put together our top ‘in trend’ ideas to help you ‘Spring’ ahead but allowing you to play around with what’s in vogue and put your own touch and personality towards it…..

Dark Woods

Please please don’t dis a hand me down from your parents of a sideboard, drinks cabinet or whatever it may be, mahogany and walnut is back in vogue, you will see a renaissance this year. What caught my eye this year is the pairing of rich wood dining tables with a contemporary velour (velvet) dining chair – rich colours like raspberry or mulberry or even grass green make for a stunning combination – where old meets new can create an opulent look and a very ‘in trend’ living space.

To achieve a contemporary feel, opposed to an opulent feel, wood furniture against white washed walls gives the utmost harmonious look to a living space and home. Choose wood furniture that matches the warmth of your floors but is a few shades lighter. For example, pair greyish or black wood floors with pale, weathered woods, and pair warm, rich floors with warm medium - to light-toned woods like cherry or maple. Pairing any wood finish with white and neutral walls brings together a touch of contemporary living with a classic piece of craftsmanship - a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Hues of Purple

Lavender; managed to hide in the background for some time – but this year it’s her time to shine – pantone announced earlier this year that Ultra Violet is this year’s colour – dramatically provocative and thoughtful, purple is this year’s colour tone. Purple has long been a symbol of artistic brilliance and let’s face it we all want a bit of that in our living space! It can be easily introduced by painting the walls in your favourite shade of purple, a dramatic wall covering, simple accessories like cushions or a statement accent chair. If seeking a new accent chair or if you simply want to re-use an old favourite at home seek a texture velour to crate your very own ‘ta-dah’ piece!

Jespen Chair - Plum - €419.95

Source: Pinterest

Matchy Matchy

So co-ord pattern outfits aren’t just for the fashion rails. Matching décor in our home allows for a more harmonious feel. This trend isn’t for everyone. A dramatic way of mastering the co-ord look in a living space is matching your radiators to your walls, your art work to the shades of your lamps or rugs. Your painted dining chairs to the colour of your walls. If that isn’t your cup of tea, an easier way is by introducing matching pattern furniture into your space. If you get fed up of this trend you can easily remove some furniture from the room to break up the look.

Source: Pinterest
Rose Gold
Go for gold this season – Rose Gold that is. So this color is a little bit off - but yet it’s a refreshing approach to silver and gold accessories. Following suit from the fashion world it strikes a balance between luxury and fashion and can sit almost anywhere in your home and sits beautifully with silver. It can easily sit well with laid back neutral colors or the more vibrant navy blues and forest greens and soft pinks we saw last year. Rose gold symbolises romance, luxury and evokes feelings of composure and warmth. We have seen a rise in bathroom accessories and even kitchen appliances in rose gold, however an easy way to introduce this is through candles holders, hurricanes and picture frames. 
Remember not all trends will tickle every ones fancy however play around and interpret these trends to make them your own!

Source: Pinterest

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