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Classical Styling                               

You learn a lot about a property or a new home by living in it. It’s so important to do this before making any drastic or big changes to your home. It’s daunting for most when it comes to decorating or renovating. It can be even more daunting if you have been the lucky purchaser of a period style home filled with old world charm and impressive heritage. It’s vital to combine the past with the present, the old with the new, in the most tasteful way possible. Renovations and interiors must fit correctly with the hierarchy of the overall home. 

What comes to mind when I am designing for a period style home...

“What will fit in sympathetically

with the overall fabric of the house, space or room?

What will transport us from old world living to modernity of daily life”?

For me there is a subtle enjoyment of period styling, the internal features like sash windows, decorative plaster work and high ceilings lends itself to a beautiful fusion of classical meets contemporary décor. My four steps in helping you make this historic journey will guide you in the right direction when it comes to styling and decorating your home. Panelling walls by times are often over looked and sometimes paint just won’t cut it. Panelling a wall can form the foundation of an interiors scheme. 


Panelling lends historical reference or adds sophistication to a modern home. It can also add eye- catching detail to your walls as well as the functionality of sound proofing or covering uneven surfaces. It instantly adds richness and warmth to your interiors. It can be used as a canvas for wall art, pictures, mirrors, or wallpaper. So be sure to fully think it through before choosing a design. Custom made panelling is one way of achieving the look or a DIY option is a viable alternative. Things to consider - 1) Choose your style or design; think do you want to incorporate art or mirrors. 2) Decide on the height or vastness of the panelling. 3) Consider your material and finishes, if applying in a bathroom consider moisture resistance. 4) Allow for plumbing, electrics or maintenance. There are so many pretty ideas on Pinterest to help you decide, so get pinning.

Paint Me Beautiful

Choosing paint colours is an art in itself. For period home owners consider the era of the property. The Georgian Era for instance is referred to as the Age of Elegance, different to that of Victorian and Edwardian, and yes the colour palette changes. Take the size of the room into consideration, whether or not you may want to dramatise the room or achieve a soothing medley to your interiors. Paint enlivens walls, concrete, unifies patched floor boards. It is also an economical way of changing the whole look and feel of a room. Always try and test, and look at the paint in different lights.


Symmetry is music to my ears. It is often viewed as restful and peaceful. Classical interiors features symmetry and balance a lot. It works beautifully in period homes and indeed contemporary living. Reflective symmetry is believed to have the biggest positive effect on our senses. Take for instance a living room, the fire place becomes the focal point, build your interiors around this. Flank your fire place with two consoles, two lamps and possible two pictures overhead. Work on positioning your sofas around your focal point, then your coffee table. Create your rooms that leave you with mirroring images – an instant feeling of flow yet order. Who thought buying in twos would calm the mind?

Cultural References

Throughout history, historic homes always carried cultural references. One such example is the moulding of seashells in ornate marble fire places. It illustrated the families’ social class that they have travelled a-far. Although we do not want to portray that in today’s society it is nice to give a nod to cultural references. Be it through sculpture, objects, maps, vintage or antique finds. Mixing old objects with the new gives each object a new meaning and a reference in time. Nina Campbell a renowned interior designer captures this beautifully through some of her work.