Bohemian Decor

by Joshua Lavelle

Boho or Bohemian decor is for those of you who want your home full of life. 

Bohemian decor is the art of layering patterns, mixing colours, and combining furniture styles which can give any room a fun and free-spirited vibe. 

Check out our top tips below along with some of our favourite pieces for creating a bohemian paradise!

Colour palette:

The key to a successful boho look is to bring pops of colours in through your furniture and accessories. So when it comes to selecting colours for your walls is best to keep them neutral.

Get creative with patterns & designs:

This refined bohemian aesthetic requires that you pick and choose patterns using only one or two in each room. Don’t think of it as limiting yourself. Instead, consider it incentive to get creative about where and how you introduce your favourite boho designs. One of the best ways to incorporate patterns is with mirrors, lighting, accent tables and larger pieces of furniture.

Bring the outside in:

Almost nothing conjures up the free-spirited, wanderlust feeling of bohemian design like plants in the home. Vines, succulents, and other houseplants offer that live greenery that is necessary for creating an eclectic look.

The most important thing when it comes to creating a bohemian look is just to play around with patterns and textures, the bohemian design itself is all about blending different pieces together