Beautifully Blue by Mindy Brownes!

by Joshua Lavelle

A case of the blues is usually a bad thing, however its quite the opposite when it comes to interior decorating. When used in design blue has the ability to create a sense of calm and relaxation, even lowering blood pressure and heart rate. And when used properly, blue is the perfect colour to take a boring, drab room and transform it into something truly eye-catching

Our beautiful Catalina Collection truly is a show-stopping collection and it comes as no surprise that it is one of our best selling ones, with its simple silver stands paired with the beautiful cobalt blue and silver rim. This collection would work well in any setting and will transform a room from bland to beautiful.

The number of colors that look good with blue makes it the supreme choice of most people when asked about their favourite colour. For some, the perfect nuance is ice and spa blue, while others prefer blue tones that are richer, as for instance royal, indigo, or navy. What is really impressive about blue, however, is that both men and women agree it is the most serene and sophisticated shade, and they list it right next to neutrals due to the many colour combinations with blue.

Blue works exceptionally well when paired with golds, oranges, whites, greens, and mustard. For those of you who might not be keen about painting your home blue. Blue Accessories will also have the same effect.

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