​Add a 5-Star Feel to your Home

by Joshua Lavelle

The 5-star Plaza Hotel is a well-known landmark and has been featured in many movies such as Bride Wars, Home Alone 2 and The Way We Were which featured Hollywood legends Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand.

The Plaza is also home to none other than fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger.

The suites in the plaza are the stuff dreams are made of with some costing up to €50,000 a night, insane right! It’s no doubt that The Plaza Hotel oozes elegance and glamour.

Check out some of my top tips on how you can add a 5-star feel to your home.

Declutter: If you really want to create a 5-star hotel feel then it’s important that you keep things very minimal.

Try using only key pieces to style your home. This will create focal points in your rooms (sofa, chair, coffee table, etc) In terms of decorative items such as frames and trinkets, keep these to a minimum.Less is more when it comes to this style.

Create A feature wall: It’s amazing what a feature wall can do to transform a room. You will find, in most hotels, they use this trick to make space appear bigger and modern.

My rule of thumb when it comes to painting a room is the 3-4 rule. Paint 3 walls the same colour and use a darker colour or wallpaper on the fourth. This will automatically add instant glamour and style.

Keep it Neutral: To add a luxury hotel feel, keep your colour palette neutral. Hotels have to accommodate a lot of peoples taste, so neutrals are the best way to go. However, I do suggest adding a pop of colour, this can be used in your feature wall or brought in through accessories.

I love to add a pop of colour to a natural room, it means that I can change things up depending on the season.

Add Flowers /Plants:

This is a small trick that will make a huge impact on how elegant your room will feel. Buying flowers for your home can be pricey, so I would suggest using fake flowers. I know you’re thinking, fake flowers? But we’re not talking about those fake flowers from the 80s/90s over the last few years companies have upped their game and nowadays you can’t tell the difference between real and fake ones and are perfect for those of you who are like me and can’t keep flowers or plants alive.

Below are some of my top picks from our collection that will instantly transform your home from The Bates motel to The Plaza on Fifth Avenue. 

Sarah Frame (8x10) 

Sarah Frame (4x6)

Hayley Armchair

Johana Table

Una Lamp

Andria Table Set - Must Have 

Saint Malo 2 Door Sideboard

Ava Candle Holder